Law Made makes law better.
For Startups.

Don’t take our word for it — ask our startups…..


“I think Law Made has been essential in where we are as a company in terms of our success path right now…

Law Made have been the cornerstone personally for me to be able to create a brand which is why we have inbound from Volkswagen. It has been essential for me to be able to get a fellowship at Stanford which added to our profile, and it has been essential even in generating investment opportunities where we have actually closed investment rounds based on introductions from Law Made.”

– Cian O’Sullivan – Top Dog and Founder of Beagle

Law Made takes pride in helping LegalTech startups succeed

We are the arbiter of credibility – separating poseurs from true economic potential among the cross disciplinary fusion of technology, design, process improvement, document automation and lean strategy as applied to legal and advisory services.

As they say in Entrepreneurship Country, David and Goliath must dance.

When it comes to the legal services markets, Law Made is the sponsor that creates connections and spends time in the right locations with the right people to teach them to dance together.

As the conduit between Corporate and Law Firm environments (the Goliaths) AND the startup ecosystem (the Davids), we ensure the Makers become part of the value chain in legal services. The Makers gain access to the Goliaths who in turn benefit from digital enablement they can’t build on their own.

We also understand how the Goliaths work – how they make their decisions, organize their resources and deal with their pain points — because we’ve lived it.

Our biggest asset is the quality of the Davids we nurture who become valuable players for the Goliaths we work with directly.

We’ve help raise millions for LegalTech, connected law firms and corporate law departments to startups and provided a broad range of advice for early stage companies —- with big impact.