Knomos Knowledge Management

Knomos presents information as a map of related concepts at the highest level of law, with controls that allow people to zoom into detail, intuitively trace patterns across clusters, and personalize their view of the information around the sources and ideas of greatest interest.

To acclimate users to this new way of thinking about legal information, we’re importing successful learning strategies from the world of video game design in a similar fashion to how complex open-world games, like Halo or Skyrim design their UI to ‘train’ players through the early levels to master the game’s interface, so that in a very short time you feel proficient. You’re immersed in a rich and foreign world, but you can find your way around in it because you have adapted and are more capable to master advanced skills.

The law is a complex network of facts, concepts, and precedents. And it’s evolving constantly. If you just look at it in a granular way, you can easily miss the relationships and emergent patterns as the law continues to change over time.

We’re embedding intuitive data visualization systems in to complex and dynamic legal processes, to reveal hidden insights to professionals and non-experts alike by representing big data in more intuitive formats like dashboards, heatmaps, and clusters.

When you apply machine learning and predictive analytics to legal content, you not only see patterns within the texts themselves but can also trace patterns in the metadata; to see which jurists and scholars are being cited most often, which arguments prevail in different types of cases, and the ebb and flow of leading ideas as the law evolves.