(videos) The Forum on Legal Evolution

Chicago | November 9, 2017

Held at the Northwestern School of Law and organized by Bill Henderson, the Forum on Legal Evolution really was an extraordinary day of like minded travellers gathering — and collectively willing their way toward a more improved legal services industry. It’s tough to serve all constituents in a single forum from access to justice, small law, big law, in-house and the “system” overall. Not all points can get served — but the commonality for this group is a sense of urgency for action. The frustration with the status quo is palpable — but thankfully — leaders, adventurers and DOERS like these are in the mix to move things forward. These are change makers.

Apart from the videos below, there is also a long version presentation from the Civil Resolution Tribunal — which actually holds immense promise for many stakeholders, including the public. We’ll add that talk and some other comments at a future date — it is worthy of extra attention.

Commentaries on all of the below to follow, but for now, enjoy these compelling (and often hilarious) presentations.

You can also download the slides for these presentations here.