Speaking & Writing Inquiries

Law Made is often asked to speak and write on a range of topics and to deliver keynote presentations to legal service providers, leadership teams, law departments, product development organizations and a variety of events.

Topics of Interest

While we always appreciate the interest, we are best-positioned to speak and write about the following topics:

  • The dance between Enterprise Goliaths and Digital Davids in Legal Services and LegalTech just as we’ve seen in FinTech and RegTech
  • Leveraging the power of technology, process automation, cloud, SaaS, workflow and outsourcing in the current era of Digital Transformation
  • Showcase, snapshots and spotlights on emerging legal technologies and companies — beyond the hype! innovatio-jason full-stage-pitch
  • The past, present, and future of  innovation for legal services delivery

  • The rapidly evolving changes of the legal services market and innovation response from a variety of players in the ecosystem – but especially from new business models emanating from intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and startups.
  • jason-aron-the-pitchPractical guidance for Enterprise and Professional Firms on lean startup and the Build Measure Learn cycle for navigating product development, release and iteration
  • The impact of social, technological, and regulatory change on the legal services industry
  • Business design toolkits, change management strategies, growth playbooks and outcome-based teaching focused on how to achieve sustainable and meaningful growth for lawyers, law firms and the business professionals they rely upon
  • Legal Education in the 21st Century  and building the T-Shaped Lawyer
  • Using Design Thinking to achieve growth in legal
  • Navigating business opportunities in foreign markets: including China
  • The fusion of legal subject matter expertise, technology, design and delivery 

We are routinely asked to moderate panels at conferences, lead workshops at retreats, and facilitate brainstorming sessions and hackathons.

Working with Law Made

Having organized and participated in numerous conferences and panels — we know the challenges that event organizers face and respect the process and appreciate the hard work involved. We are routinely advised that Law Made is a pleasure to work with — particularly in drawing out impactful presentations and meaningful engagement — leveraging their global network of credible influencers and doers — and bringing a startup energy to traditionally staid environments.

Travel and accommodation expenses are generally required, at minimum, and rates vary on fees beyond expenses. Where there is compelling content, influential attendees or subject matter of keen interest to Law Made — we’re flexible on arrangements.


      Law Made recently facilitated a “think-tank” session with our senior management team. In a very short period of time they brought themselves up to speed with the key challenges and opportunities present in our professional services space and set out to engage a room full of strangers (and skeptics). Using their leadership presence in the lean law space, Law Made set out to force us to think differently. They were wildly successful in this endeavour. The presentation lead to an interactive dialogue which resulted in dozens of discussions beyond the meeting room….. Wonderful experience and supports a solid foundation for change that we need to embrace.
      – Law Made client


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