Relevance and context

There is no such thing as “THE” legal market. It’s a series of many different markets, each with their own nuance.

Corporate Legal Departments, Big Law, New Law – practicing lawyers. Sure, that’s part of the picture – but not even close to the whole scene.

Law Made focusses on the Makers – maybe that’s lawyers – or maybe that’s technologists, designers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, program builders, App Makers or other allied professionals looking to build products and services in the legal industry.

And not just to better the practice of law for lawyers (disguised as improvement rather than innovation). Makers are also building new delivery models beyond the service of lawyers – just like our heroes over at legalzoom_logo_2012_rgb_large

Legal innovation also means new offerings, tools, processes, products and services for those that matter —clients!— whether small and medium businesses, enterprise or consumers.

Maybe it’s #Legaltech – but it can look like #RegTech and #FinTech too.

Perhaps you’re building a feature and not a product. Pain reliever or vitamin?

A single “newsletter”? Yikes.

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