June 8, 2018 | Jasper, Alberta Canada |  Law Made was thrilled to have Jason Moyse appear as the keynote speaker at the 2018 Law Society of Alberta Board Retreat and Business Meeting  in beautiful beautiful Jasper Alberta.

The Law Society is the primary governing body of lawyers in the Province.

Jason’s 60 minute talk focussed on Innovation and the Regulator highlighting developments in Delaware, the U.K. and elsewhere as relates to self regulated professions, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. The fundamental questions posed to the audience included: what is meant by the “public” as key driver of professional self regulation and what about computational processes? Are those really subject to regulation by lawyer bodies governing the “profession” ?  Or, are they really part of the “Industry”?

Following Jason’s remarks, he participated in a panel discussion including BlueJLegal’s Ben Allarie and Martine Boucher, CEO of Simplex Legal and the 2018 co-host of the Pitch.

A copy of the slides from this presentation can be found HERE