November 10, 2017 | Baltimore, Maryland

Law Made will be presenting on the topic of the “T-Shape Professional” and the importance of gaining some grounding across a number of professional disciplines.

The audience is solo and small firm practitioners who have no choice but to wear many hats at once!

The 21st Century legal professional is one that offers a broad “T-shaped” skill set beyond the “I-shaped” lawyer (limited to traditional, linear training in black letter law and bespoke legal services) which is purposed to provide broader access to legal support for people and companies in a comprehensive, collaborative, solutions-oriented way.

The “T-shape” skill set, which builds upon the “I-shape” by adding breadth in adjacent areas including design-thinking, data science competency, computer code and development and project management.

Also included in the “T-shape” are entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills that enable legal professionals to provide productized services in ways that are replicable and go beyond the pay for time service model.

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