By Jason Moyse

You know the big question getting asked right now is whether Atrium  is simply Clearspire Part II — but maybe it’s just a matter of the market has moved forward.

Some of the entrants in the market now – whether they be lawyers or folks who like Justin: just simply want a better model even though they are not lawyers themselves. They are indeed sophisticated business people who know there has to be a better way. 

Maybe it’s just a matter of those folks not having had the history lesson of watching Clearspire come to market or maybe and I think it’s more likely the case– Clearspire was simply ahead of its time.

There is an innovation adoption curve after all! !

It is quite possible that Clearspire was a great idea executed flawlessly but at the wrong time and just as a venture capitalist needs to time the market for the investments they make as well as when the exit will occur — it is more than likely the Atrium is going to succeed.

I really can’t believe the naysayers out there — and there are many among us in the market — that suggest well it didn’t work before and therefore is not going to work now.



It’s surprising to see some of this chatter in the market especially from innovators amongst themselves.

They’re using the same language of the audiences that they themselves typically have to persuade, influence and sometimes cajole into adopting innovation.

In fact, many of the best legal services businesses that I know started by someone who is not a lawyer — but still managed to drive the industry. I work for Elevate (proudly) and Liam Brown — he’s no lawyer! But he sure got tired of paying significant legal bills that gave no thought to more efficient workflow, enabled by process, technology and the proper talent mix.

I’ve placed my bet on Elevate Services. I’d place it on Atrium too.

Know why? It’s founded by founders in support of founders. NOT lawyers in support of lawyers.

I am also enamoured by their funding and the approach taken. It’s the greatest hot tub party around — jump in — the water is hot!

OMG — look at the sheer NUMBER of investors. The volume is matched by the quality too.