November 2, 2017 | Montreal, Canada

Thomson Reuters and Law Made, are pleased to present the 2017 Emerging Legal Technology Forum Road Shows.  We’re bringing some of the key learning and highlights from the September 21, 2017 Emerging Technology event to cities across Canada.

Each city will be unique and bring together local industry change leaders and practitioners for an interactive and provocative morning session on innovations in legal technology and how that is changing the profession.

The Montreal event will take place on November 2, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency

Draft Agenda

8:00-8:30           Registration, buffet breakfast, networking at round tables

8:30-9:00           The State of the Legal Tech Industry

Law Made and TR jointly present an overview of the state of development of the industry.   Share the current landscape of legal tech, and some of the specific insights gained at the September 21st Toronto Emerging Legal Technology event.  


9:00-10:00       Panels

Legal Technology Startups Delivering New Services to Market

Bennett CollenCofounder & CEO of Cognate

Cognate is the world’s first trademark use record service powered by blockchain technology.

A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger of transactions that combines powerful cryptography algorithms with a system of decentralized computing power. Records in blockchain ledgers are immutable (i.e. permanent) and time-stamped.

Amir Tajkarim, CEO of Lexop

Send important documents to any email address and get a legally valid delivery report that can be used as a proof of notification (e-service) admissible in court. It’s the power of a fax, a bailiff, and registered mail, but with the simplicity of email.

The New Wave: Online Dispute Resolution

 Alexandre Désy, President of BidSettle 

BidSettle is an online tool that facilitates online settlements by allowing parties in a dispute to exchange  confidential settlement offers and counter-offers.

Nicolas Vermeys of

Nicolas is a leader in the CyberJustice initiative from University of Montreal. They are building out a broad set of work projects that will span over 6 years with dozens of international and Canadian legal stakeholders (including TR) exploring the use of technology in the justice ecosystem.

Among other things, they’re working with APEC to develop an ODR platform for B2B disputes


10:00-10:30        Q&A then adjourn