Just as the Digital Transformation is impacting all areas of business and creating new categories like FinTechRegTech and entirely new sets of economics — the legal services industry is in the throes of dramatic change which has not been experienced in over a century.

It’s time for an entrepreneurial class to drive innovation, improvement, transformation and possibly economic disruption to (and in) the legal vertical. It won’t happen overnight and will look more like evolution than revolution.

It’s not just lawyers that get to play in the sandbox. Technologists, designers, developers, engineers and accomplished business people (some with no legal background) who like to push boundaries are also necessary players in driving change.

The number of technology focused startups and legal technology applications has gone from a trickle to a stream – and an era of experimentation in the mode of Build-Measure-Learn is upon us along with the entry of risk capital into the legal vertical.

Truly no surprise given the current global market opportunity to (re)invent and improve a traditional industry that has remained largely unchanged and failed to adopt more efficient and effective modes of operation. Innovation and improvement are long overdue for legal services.


Law Made is focused on the legal space with a particular emphasis on supporting entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Check out our various home pages for the types of services Law Made offers over and above our industry leading dialogue and promotion of Digital Transformation in legal services.

We work with MakersLaw FirmsCorporatesInvestors and other organizations to improve, grow, promote or create new products, services, processes and business models related to legal services — with an eye to emerging commercialized technology and innovation.

Law Made is not a law firm and works with all types of parties interested in building technology enabled legal services – NOT JUST LAWYERS.

We have helped raise millions in capital for startups, provided strategy around product development and client acquisition as well as sales.

As subject matter and market experts — Law Made has created or participated in some of the most compelling events in the industry centered on legal innovation through a variety of forums.


It is a rarity to be able to speak the language of David and Goliath from a place of experience among both the startup and enterprise worlds – especially in the legal services markets.

That’s where Law Made comes in.

We are the arbiter of credibility – separating poseurs from true economic potential among the cross disciplinary fusion of technology, design, process improvement, document automation and lean strategy as applied to legal and advisory services.

As they say in Entrepreneurship Country, David and Goliath must dance.

When it comes to the legal services markets, Law Made is the sponsor that creates connections and spends time in the right locations with the right people to teach them to dance together.

As the conduit between Corporate and Law Firm environments (the Goliaths) AND the startup ecosystem (the Davids), we ensure the Makers become part of the value chain in legal services. The Makers gain access to the Goliaths who in turn benefit from digital enablement they can’t build on their own.

We also understand how the Goliaths work – how they make their decisions, organize their resources and deal with their pain points — because we’ve lived it.

Our biggest asset is the quality of the Davids we nurture who become valuable players for the Goliaths we work with directly.