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Development Partners

Need it built? Why not make it Law Made?

Law Made works with designers, developers, doers and Makers to build applications geared toward legal. Serving as navigator, project manager and relationship lead — as well as solution architect — Law Made brings its partners into development engagements that surpass off the shelf solutions.

We are proud to be connected with Foundation Lab —-  a leading digital product design studio with a strong focus in legal technology. The team has brought their expertise in User Experience strategy/design and development to the legal industry, building products for law firms and LegalTech startups.


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Leaning on some existing products like the Founder’s Workbench (developed by Goodwin Proctor) and the StartUp ToolKit (created by Orrick), Foundation Labs has developed tools that are both informative and actionable.

The Process

Discovery — > User Research —> Validation —> Prototyping —> Development

Using Product Hypotheses, we can mock up a rough version of the product and put all of the screen into an InvisionApp walkthrough for Usability Testing.


Service Partners

Law Made is proud to be able to offer added services, discounts and special offers to members of its community.

Keep watching this space for further information as we continue to grow!

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