Seminars & Workshops

While Law Made has the capability to deliver seminars and workshops on many discrete topics — our primary focus is on building the 21st Century legal professional. That can include lawyers or not — and typically speaks to the growing requirement to have grounding in subjects far beyond a core domain expertise (i.e. substantive legal knowledge).

The T-Shaped Legal Professional applies to corporate law departments and law firms (intrapreneurs) as well as to Makers seeking an entrepreneurial path.

Our focus is to facilitate, guide and drive the formation of an actionable and achievable plan (versus a merely aspirational strategy).


Originating as the T-Shaped professional through IBM and wonderfully adapted to legal by R. Amani Smathers, the T-Shaped Lawyer who has deep legal expertise but also has the ability to collaborate across many disciplines, such as technology, business, analytics and more.

Legal domain expertise – the ‘stick’ is table stakes, necessary, but not at all sufficient. It’s the top of the “T” that is ever expanding.

Law Made provides education and guidance to professionals of all types to gain deeper understanding and grounding in:

  • Technology skills and competence for standard applications (including through Procertas)
  • Appreciation of Agile, Lean, Kan Ban and other project management and product development methodology
  • Coding: either basic understanding or applied skills
  • Data Analytics: to drive meaning and utility for the business
  • Design Thinking
  • Startup Methodology
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Startup Methodology
  • Intrapreneurship


Other Topics of Interest

  • The dance between Enterprise Goliaths and Digital Davids in Legal Services and LegalTech just as we’ve seen in FinTech and RegTech
  • Leveraging the power of technology, process automation, cloud, SaaS, workflow and outsourcing in the current era of Digital Transformation
  • Showcase, snapshots and spotlights on emerging legal technologies and companies — beyond the hype!
  • The rapidly evolving changes of the legal services market and innovation response from a variety of players in the ecosystem – but especially from new business models emanating from intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and startups
  • Practical guidance for Enterprise and Professional Firms on lean startup and the Build Measure Learn cycle for navigating product development, release and iteration
  • Navigating business opportunities in foreign markets: including China

Sample Outputs

  • Quick Win Reports
  • Design Tool Kits
  • Change Management Action Plans
  • Playbooks for Growth

Working with Law Made

We are routinely advised that Law Made is a pleasure to work with — particularly in drawing out impactful presentations and meaningful engagement — leveraging our global network of credible influencers and doers — and bringing a startup energy to traditionally staid environments.

Travel and accommodation expenses are generally required, at minimum, and rates vary on fees beyond expenses. Where there is compelling content, influential attendees or subject matter of keen interest to Law Made — we’re flexible on arrangements.

Sample Clients

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