Corporates include law departments and companies serving legal services. Law Made helps Corporates spot innovation before the mainstream and forge a path from idea to execution with tangible impact.


Innovation is not a singular act – it needs to be a constant process. And it only matters if you can execute.

We believe in the vision of Julia Meyer of Entrepreneurship Country and the dance between the Digital David and Enterprise Goliath. Law Made’s key nuance? We play in vertical of the legal services industry.

The Application Economy is here and isolation is not going to win. It takes a platform and an ecosystem to deliver services. The Goliaths need to engage Digital Davids with an informed, structured and consistent approach.

We have the pulse on the legal innovation trends, business models, and LegalTech and Startups that can power Corporates.

For Corporates


We drive engagement between Corporates and LegalTech Startups to facilitate successful and measurable outcomes through:

  • Curated Private Demo Days
  • Strategic Innovation Events
  • Pilot Design and Execution
  • Joint Venture, Co-Discovery and Co-Creation
  • A continuous pipeline for innovation

Law Made connects the best LegalTech Startups to Corporate business needs from opportunity identification to pilot testing on through to execution and implementation.

Our Model:

1. Engage

Engage with Law Made’s expertise in NewLaw – having lived, practiced and worked under the traditional firm and in-house models we work to understand the pain points and transition to Digital Transformation.

2. Discover

Discover ways in which legal innovation and technology can help you achieve your business objectives – whether new value creation or improvement on the current models.

3. Match

Match best-in-class innovations and business improvements to your exact needs. Our work is bespoke, understanding that the needs of every corporate partner are different and require a different combination of solutions.

4. Execute

Execute pilots and play in the sandbox before bringing into the full tool kit. Law Made engagements lead to lasting relationships between the Digital David’s and Enterprise Goliaths. We create win-win situations.


Do you have an idea for a legal services commercial business? Doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer or not – Law Made can get you launched.

We work with the best Makers in the business – and not just Startups. Our partners include some outstanding digital builders and application dev shops that create engaging and mobile web experiences. And guess what? They build for legal along with Law Made as navigator.

Law Made and its partners can help internal product and app teams (veterans and newbies) through:

  • Discovery sessions to drive new products, services or business models
  • Design Thinking Methodology for legal makers
  • Product Development
  • Project management for your build
  • Usability testing and feedback gathering
  • Lean Startup Methodology
  • Embedding as intrapreneur / entrepreneur from start to launch and beyond

Real artists ship. Law Made gets you there.

We're open to revenue sharing and co-creation or can be your hired expert leveraging our ecosystem and legal services industry expertise.


Corporates combined with LegalTech and complementary service providers make for natural allies. When acting as an ensemble rather than session players, they can form a business model that makes sense to create wins in the aggregate, not just for one or the other. The network effect is very powerful and captures value throughout the ecosystem. But how do Corporates ready themselves?

Law Made helps Corporates build a culture of applied innovation and vault past the buzzwords to tangible business outcomes through:

  • Industry insights and market landscape digests for leadership teams via workshops, white papers, recorded seminars and keynote addresses
  • Spotlights and case studies of emerging products, services and LegalTech players
  • Education on key transformative technologies and trends including Artificial Intelligence
  • Knowledge of entrepreneurial approaches which can also be applied to Corporates
  • Best practices to attract collaboration and partnership among members of the ecosystem


It starts with conversation over coffee – virtual or otherwise. We’re built for global. Reach out to us to discuss and better understand where we can help you make law better.

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