Law Made's global network and ecosystem provides better positioning for deals in the legal innovation space than investors could otherwise access.


With deep connections throughout North America, Asia and Europe, Law Made has a pulse on the legal services industry with a full understanding of the builders and more importantly, the end users that drive traction and the acquirers that create liquidity events.

Law Made works with Makers, Law Firms, Corporates, as well as Investors and other organizations to improve, grow, promote or create new products, services, processes and business models related to legal services - with an eye to emerging commercialized technology and innovation.

As the conduit between Corporate and Law Firm environments (the Goliaths) AND the startup ecosystem (the Davids), we ensure the Makers become part of the value chain in legal services. The Goliaths benefit from digital enablement they can’t build on their own while the Davids gain access to clients and distribution channels.

Most importantly—Law Made provides practical guidance for LegalTech startups through operational guidance, board membership, pilot facilitation leading to adoption, key use cases and a curriculum focused on multi-disciplinary mentorship.

For Investors

Deal Flow

As the magnet for legal startups looking to be part of the ecosystem, and the success to date of ventures supported by Law Made, the testimonials and case studies from within the LegalTech community serves as a virtuous circle of continued deal flow.

Law Made accelerates growth through access to global partners including an Asian accelerator, a network of experienced mentors, founders in Silicon Valley and beyond, and other channels for product adoption which include the world’s leading professional services firms, enterprises and legal publishers. Our team has executive, operational and product development experience as both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Typically – we identify and vet potential high growth digital technologies and SaaS based ventures aimed at bringing efficiency and transparency to professional service providers, corporate law departments and legal end users.

There are essentially 2 product/service types:

  • Those that make current services more efficient, lower cost or provide increased value (example: contract analysis via data visualization and artificial intelligence)
  • Those that create brand-new value where it did not previously exist (example: digital asset estate planning)

Due Diligence

Through advisory services, events and promotion of legal innovation for small and large enterprise – Law Made is an industry leader in working on behalf of startups to help them develop and grow.

For Investors, a Law Made seal of approval means we’ve worked with the startup on an ongoing basis, helping put the house in order to be investor ready.

Above all else, it means that Law Made remains along for the ride post investment.

Not just anyone can be Law Made. We are highly selective in choosing the startups we work with – and that means the deal flow to potential investors is highly qualified.

Typical Criteria:

  • Product or services that solves a problem or creates value in the legal vertical
  • Target clients are end users or professional services providers (legal consumers, firms or corporate law departments)
  • Capital efficient business: projected to be operational at less than $1M in external financing
  • Scalable internet based distribution, Digital Transformation orientation or proven ability to scale across jurisdictions
  • Measureable traction: engaged users, some revenue and attractive unit economics
  • Cross functional team with legal industry, design, engineering and marketing expertise


As industry catalysts, Law Made is trusted by policymakers, lawyers, BigLaw, corporations, and importantly, other investors who are eager to establish a presence in the LegalTech space. We’re often called upon to write and speak on the emerging issues of global legal innovation.

Law Made and those from within the ecosystem are regularly tapped by leadership teams for industry snapshots, company spotlights, technology education and an answer to the question of– how legal services innovation can be applied within their organization.

We help the Digital Davids and the Enterprise Goliaths to dance together for ecosystem benefits and greater success than can be achieved as a sole contributor.

Spend some time with Law Made or sign up for our communications and you will see why both investors and investees trust our brand.


It starts with conversation over coffee – virtual or otherwise. We’re built for global. Reach out to us to discuss and better understand where we can advance your Digital Transformation and Legal Innovation.

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