Makers include startups, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Law Made helps Makers of all stripes get their product, service, process or program built and launched.

Law Made Makes Law Better.
for Makers.

Makers are doers – not just idealists.

Makers build. Makers invent. Makers learn through doing and through networks. Makers hack the conventional for the better.

Makers believe in Do It Yourself (DIY) and Do It With Others (DIWO).

Makers have an artisan spirit and in today’s world – they build for digital.

The legal services industry isn’t a special snowflake.

Law and its commercial ecosystem are subject to the dawning era of Digital Transformation and disruption – like any other industry including FinTech and RegTech – the complementary and overlapping verticals that are undergoing massive change worldwide.

For Makers


There’s nothing better than bringing a product to life. With our deep industry experience we can help Makers with:

  • User Adoption: given our access to the Enterprise Goliaths – and industry background – we know the pain points. Question is – are you a vitamin or a pain reliever?
  • Product Validation and Strategy
  • Embedded Executive and Operational Talent
  • Business Model Design and Development
  • Legal Industry market research, data collection and formulation of strategy and key goals

The Law Made Immersive A program of intense, rapid, and immersive education aimed at accelerating the life cycle of Law Made companies, compressing years’ worth of learning-by-doing into a short period.

Access to Clients

We have access to the Enterprise Davids as well as other end user of legal products and services and can help Makers by:

  • Acting as reseller, channel and distribution partner and joint venture
  • Sourcing, facilitating and landing paid pilots (and converting!)
  • Revenue Sharing and Affiliate Marketing – by funneling clients to the right legal innovation vendor – but only with companies we feel worthy to be called Law Made
  • Serving as a Strategic Partner

We have the trust of the Enterprise Goliaths and the Digital Davids and get them to dance together. Being part of a Law Made showcase doesn’t just open doors—it jumpstarts a Maker straight to the goal line.

Access to Seed Stage Capital (and value added support)

We connect LegalTech Startups to the smart money. We know that raising early stage capital can be hard in any industry – perhaps more so in legal.

Completing a raise is not enough. We know that. Startups need more than just capital. They need partners.

With our global network – we’re able to get Makers where they need to go. Our network of investors trusts our knowledge and insight – especially when we are along for the ride by providing advisory services for operations, connecting end users to Makers and directing strategy based on deep market insight.

The fact that Law Made is IN, signals the industry.


It starts with conversation over coffee – virtual or otherwise. We’re built for global. Reach out to us to discuss and better understand where we can help you make law better.

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