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Ken Grady talks about Seyfarth Shaw’s “knitting together” of technology to provide solutions along with people and process. Seyfarth has a small cadre of “Legal Solutions Architects” whose function is to cobble together that technology.  THAT is the job for a JD with a tech focus.  THAT is also who the client actually wants to talk to — the doer with the solutions.

As an example–Seyfarth uses a Sharepoint portal landing page which leads to other solutions and captures data.  Perhaps there is a recurring question on aspects of the law like – how is HR leave handled in military environments in the state of Utah?  Data capture is always the first step.  How many times is that question asked?  What is the answer?  Is it possible to build an FAQ or playbook?

Imagine being able to take a process from 1.5 hours down to 15 minutes!

Ken also discussed great solutions like Neota Logic which provides for applications that automate expertise by combining rules and complex reasoning, documents, and processes.

For example, Betsy Brahm, the CEO of Neota Logic, outlines how Seyfarth Shaw uses Neota for an application in the crowdfunding industry that assists companies and crowdfunding portals with the legal and financial disclosure required for offerings. The application’s adaptable framework guides users step by step through detailed analysis of their businesses and enables fast, accurate, and inexpensive drafting of private placement memoranda and other documents. Seyfarth has estimated that use of the application saves time and costs of up to 80 percent.

That’s #LegalLean!  It’s also where things are going to go for the foreseeable future.

Which career path are you going to choose?  Which legal services provider are you going to hire?


Ken Grady’s Full Talk from #LegalLean – February 2015, Toronto  Video Duration 49:27