By Jason Moyse

With Legal Geek hitting North American shores, it has been my pleasure to work with Jimmy Vestbirk behind the scenes to make sure there is a robust and relevant speaker set up. This is not the hard push “sales bro” type of conference.

There are WAY too many conferences in legal now, and its completely out of hand. Yes, I’ve contributed to this in some measure, but back in 2015 when LegalX at MaRS launched — it was filling a gap in the market — which is now over filled.

Legal Geek however, is very relevant, worth paying attention to, and has the best mix of larger and smaller players in one spot. Plus, the energy is amazing.

My talk is focused on Digital Assets and Estate Planning. It is not meant to be a commercial for Directive Communication Systems, but it does speak to the very real and burgeoning problem of what to do with your digital life when you pass on. DCS happens to have a solution and I’m on the board of directors.


D o N o T S h a r e P a s s w o r d s

This is one of my practice runs ahead of the live event. Go ahead and press play and enjoy this fast paced 12 minute talk. I loved putting this together and highlighting the issues relating to this growing challenge.